SISTERS' CUISINE catering service

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Trampoline House has its very own catering service, Sisters’ Cuisine, which is run by women from Trampoline House's Women's Club.

Sisters’ Cuisine offers catering to private parties and social events, tailoring the menu to your wishes.

Some of us are seeking asylum in Denmark or have refugee status here, some of us are temporarily living in Denmark or were born here.

We make healthy, affordable food from all over the world, influenced by our diverse places of origin, such as Afghanistan, DR Congo, Eritrea, Iran, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

To hear more about our prices or to arrange a booking, email us at:


Cancellation policy:
You can cancel the order without further payment if you send an email to the Sisters' Cuisine coordinator no later than 7 days before the due date ( If you cancel later than 7 days before due date, we charge 25% of the agreed amount for the entire catering service.

Trampoline House's catering service Sisters' Cuisine has made a cookbook about migration politics. It collects asylum seeking women's recipes and life stories from different places, including Eritrea, Thailand, Palestine, Morocco, Afghanistan and Iran.

The cookbook is available in both English and Danish. It costs 99 kr. (€ 13.50) plus postage. You also have the option of adding a donation of 40 kr. (€ 5) to Trampoline House.

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