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Sisters' Cuisine are getting ready for Roskilde Festival's legendary Food Court

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 Photo: Anna Emy

Photo: Anna Emy

by Anna Emy

Trampoline House's catering service Sisters' Cuisine will open up a food stall in Roskilde Festival's famous Food Court this year!

The preparations started already a few weeks ago, when team practiced making veggie, beef and sweet spring rolls. All volunteers were divided into teams so that everyone could get a chance to learn how to prepare the fillings, fold, and then fry the rolls.

With The Weeknd blasting on the speakers, everyone was having a good time chopping, folding and frying. This time it was all about learning the steps and techniques, but for the next step, the women will have to make the three kinds of rolls within a time limit! At the festival, at least 1,000 dishes must be sold to make a profit, so it is very important that everyone can work together efficiently.

At the end of the day, there were piles and piles of spring rolls for everyone to try. The veggie roll was light and refreshing, the beef ones spicy and hearty, and the banana-nutella rolls oozed with chocolatey deliciousness!

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