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Sisters’ Cuisine opened a food stall at this year’s Roskilde Festival

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 Photo: Britta My Thomsen

Photo: Britta My Thomsen

At this year’s Roskilde Festival, Trampoline House’s catering service Sisters’ Cuisine opened their own food stall in the Festival’s food court. It was a great experience, and hopefully a step towards opening a permanent Sisters’ Cuisine restaurant in the future.


By Eden Girma, part of Trampoline House's catering service Sisters' Cuisine

Trampoline House’s catering service Sisters’ Cuisine is becoming more and more popular in many parts of Copenhagen, cooking delicious food from all over the world for private parties and big events. Sisters’ Cuisine has also published a cookbook, which has also been read all over the world. Most of the women who run Sisters’ Cuisine live in asylum centers and face very difficult chances of getting their own income. But Sisters’ Cuisine gives them a new opportunity.


Sisters’ Cuisine food stall at Roskilde Festival

At Roskilde Festival this year, Sisters’ Cuisine had a food stall where we served spring rolls with vegetables and meat, Daal with rice, and fresh lemonade. The powerful women showed their commitment by working together intensely not only during the festival, but also the months before.


Dreaming of a permanent restaurant

The feedback of the customers was encouraging for our future – Sisters’ Cuisine is dreaming of opening a permanent restaurant where we can share our cooking skills and make our own money. Therefore, Trampoline House’s Women’s Club focuses on brainstorming the different options for opening a restaurant during this fall.

On behalf of Trampoline House, I would like to thank Roskilde Festival, the people who came to enjoy the food, and all the women and volunteers who were cooking in the festival.


About Sisters’ Cuisine

Sisters’ Cuisine developed from Trampoline House’ Women’s Club, a space where women can talk freely about the problems they experience in their daily lives, in the Danish society, and in the asylum centers. Sisters’ Cuisine started because those who were seeking asylum were tired of waiting in the camps without the possibility to influence their own lives, and those who were granted refugee status were frustrated with not being able to find jobs. The chefs include women who were raised to make food in their family homes, and women who learned to cook after arriving in Denmark.

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We're dreaming of a kitchen with space for a full team of chefs, with no broken hotplates, and with a dishwasher that doesn't take 45 minutes to finish.

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