Trampoline House welcomes short-term projects by artists, students, and researchers interested in collaborating with our users and contributing to our program.


To do a project in Trampoline House, we ask you to first familiarize yourself with the house by volunteering for minimum 1 month, 1–2 days per week prior to realizing the project.

The staff doesn't have resources to give individual project interviews. Instead, we host a monthly Info meeting for researchers & project initiators, where you can get an introduction to the house and the Danish asylum system and are able to ask questions related to your project (every third Friday of the month, 3–4:30 pm, no registration needed).



  1. Please read our guidelines for doing projects in the house.

  2. Submit a project proposal to Program Coordinator & Women's Counseling/Program Coordinator Tone Olaf Nielsen

  3. Agree on an area in which to volunteer with the Volunteer Coordinator