Trampoline House welcomes collaborations with businesses.

Together we jumpstart positive and lasting changes for asylum seekers and refugees.

As a company, you can make a great difference in the lives of asylum seekers and refugees. Either way you choose to get involved, your contribution has a direct effect on the many people of Trampoline House.

support our work

Sponsor a specific project in Trampoline House or support our general work.

Either way, your sponsorship is tax deductible.


become our partner

Offer us what you do best.

Our strategic partners help us create new initiatives in Trampoline House.


offer job or internship

Add value to your workforce by offering jobs or internships to asylum seekers.

Our people have a vast array of skills and potentials that we will match with your wishes and needs.

visit us

Inspire your staff and team.

Introduce them to our warm community, democratic work methods and visions for the Danish society.