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Nora, job program intern

Nicoline, university intern

Clara, volunteer


Meet an asylum seeking intern: SURYANI

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"In my country, I mean nothing because I am part of LGBT. In Denmark, I feel valued as a person. I can have dreams and make them come true. I feel understood and supported here. I have made a lot of friends in Trampoline house. I truly feel like it is my house, my home."
     Suryani is from Malaysia and has lived in Denmark since 2013. In January, she will finish her job training at Copenhagen Frisør Skole, aiming to become a professional hair dresser. She has been volunteering and doing internships in Trampoline House for 2 years now.

"We can get counseling from lawyers and doctors here. We get to learn about Denmark and the rights of asylum seekers here. I also like that we go together to demonstrations and discussions about asylum politics and policies in Denmark. As a member of the group LGBT Asylum, I believe in equal rights for all human beings and I like that here in Trampoline House I find many like-minded people. So come to our house to meet us and get to know us."


Meet a volunteer: ISAK

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"My name is Isak and I'm 32 years. I'm from Greenland and have lived in Denmark for about 5 years. A friend recommended the place, as I needed to meet new people and found it hard to do that here in Denmark. So I visited Trampoline House and joined one of the community dinners, and I fell in love with the place. Then I signed up as a volunteer. I've been using the house six months now. My contract just expired, so now I hang out in the house and do different things.


It's a special place and it's a place where you can talk and meet different people. Here you are a human being, and you can be yourself here. In addition, you can meet many different cultures and learn new languages: For instance, I take Arabic lessons here in Trampoline House on Fridays. By being able to speak and understand a little Arabic, I am able to better understand others in the house. Trampoline House is a breathing space for me."

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