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Having a job or internship while waiting for asylum radically improves the well-being of asylum seekers.

It's something to get out of bed for, it means colleagues and friends, it holds a promise of self-sufficiency and it's a possibility to contribute in a positive way to the Danish society.

As a company, you can help make a great difference - and we're ready to assist you with that!

Ismail Yagoub, marketing and communications

In 2016, Ismail from Sudan, who has a BA in IT Technology, joined Qvartz as an intern in their marketing and communications department. Ismail and his coworkers developed the database that Trampoline House now uses to screen and map asylum seekers' skills and translate those to the Danish job market.

Hiring an asylum seeker has never been easier.

Asylum seekers are some of the most motivated staff members you'll find. They are, after all, people who have fled atrocious circumstances and just want normal lives - and a job is a big part of that.

But there's no denying that there are also some challenges related to hiring an asylum seeker.

We address this by:

  • mapping asylum seekers' skills and expectations and making sure they match your needs
  • assisting you with the paperwork and regulations related to employing an asylum seeker
  • training you to address differences in language, background and living conditions
  • offering your employee a social peer-to-peer network where they can relax and process their transition to the job market

Improve your CSR profile

By hiring an asylum seeker, you help solving an important social issue in Denmark.

Kick-starting integration as soon as possible is key: Research shows that the lengthy periods of waiting in the asylum centers, where there is little else to do than worry about the future, can cause somatic diseases such as anxiety, depression, stress and PTSD, and reduce the probability of later employment.

Your company also benefits from the new perspectives and diversity that your new employee will bring to work. For instance, ISS Denmark recently conducted a study that showed that diverse teams contributed 3.7% more to the bottom line than homogenous teams.

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Please contact Trampoline House's Project Developer Nanna Jochumsen to learn more.