T-House program, Jan. 28 – Feb. 3, 2019


We are almost done building the new room for the Children’s Club. But we need help painting, cleaning, and tidying up. If you have time to spare this week, we could use some help Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10 am-4 pm. THANK YOU!


Big house meeting: Children's program and policies

Join us for the big house house meeting this Tues, Jan. 29, from 4–5:30 pm. This week, we will present children programs and discuss children policies in Trampoline House. Please ask staff about transport if you’re not sure if you can get it.
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More Events

Lecture: The Danish asylum system

On Friday, Feb. 1, from 4–6 pm, Michala Clante Bendixen (Refugees Welcome) gives a free lecture on the Danish asylum system. You will learn about the different phases of the asylum system, how asylum claims are being assessed, how many asylum seekers are currently coming to and living in Denmark, and much more. Entrance is free and all are welcome! The lecture is a must if you are a new intern/volunteer/researcher in the house.
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Special event: 1st Friday of the month party

Every first Friday of the month, Trampoline House invites members and guests to an awesome evening with community dinner, special events, bar, and dancing from 6 pm–12 am. Hope you will join us – it’s also your house!
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Guided tour: In camp Sjaelsmark for interns and volunteers

This Sat., Feb. 2, from 12–2 pm, new interns and volunteers in Trampoline House can get a guided tour in deportation center Sjælsmark by a user of the house living there. Are you wondering what a Danish deportation center looks like from the inside and what life conditions are offered to rejected asylum seekers in Denmark, then join this tours.
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Program News

New: Swahili language class

Do you want to learn Swahili or improve your Swahili? Then join this new class on Tuesdays from 6–7 pm in the big classroom. Swahili is a Bantu language spoken in Tanzania, Burundi, DR Congo (Kinshasa), Kenya, Mayotte, Mozambique, Oman, Rwanda, Somalia, South Africa, Uganda, UAE, and the US. Around 5 million people speak Swahili as a native language, and a further 135 million speak is as a second language. The class is free and open to all!

New day: Trampoline Times editorial meeting on Tuesdays

Starting this week, the editorial meetings of Trampoline Times will now take place on Tuesdays from 11 am–12:30 pm in the big classroom. Trampoline Times is an online newspaper that features articles written by asylum seekers and refugees. Please join us if you enjoy writing! You can sign up to receive Trampoline Times here.

Women's Club: How to teach your child about sex #2

This Sat., Feb. 2, from 3–4 pm, Women’s Club will continue our discussion on children's sex education. It can be difficult to talk to your child about sex and sexuality. This week, we will give you some tips. There will be translation to Arabic, Farsi, and Danish. Women’s Club is open to all women and their children! Click here to read more about Women’s Club.

Other activities and events

Please remember that you can see all activities, services, and events in Trampoline House in our calendar and our special events listing.

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