Program, April 15–21, 2019

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CINEMA CLUB: Last screening this season!

Come by one last time for a free film screening in Copenhagen's coziest cinema before the Trampoline House Cinema Club goes into hibernation. We've got a nerdy, indie-rock, action comedy with superpowered romance and Michael Cera. As the next screening is at an unknown date, we would really love for you to come by and to hang out one with the Trampoline House Cinema Club one last time before its next chapter!! When: Tuesday, April 16, 6:30–8:30 pm. Where: Trampoline House’s café.

CITIZEN’S PROPOSAL: We need 340 signatures per day!

Folkebevægelsen for asylbørns fremtid (The People’s Movement for Asylum-seeking Children’s Future), which was founded in and administered by Trampoline House, needs to collect 340 signatures per day for our citizen’s proposal in order to meet the ‘50,000 signatures on June 8’ deadline. Help us spread the word to your Danish friends. Email this link to them and ask them to sign: Visit our facebook page and our posts with your friends. Click to read more

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NEW: Family counseling

Starting May 3, Children's Club coordinator, Sara Ipsen, will offer counseling to asylum-seeking and refugee families every Friday from 2–4 pm. Many refugee children suffer from stress, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to traumatic experiences during their flight and growing up in stressfull asylum centers or deportation centers. Families in the Danish asylum system are offered very little parenting guidance and very little information on child development. Sara can help families analyze the behavioral patterns of their children and give parents advice on how to best support children suffering from stress, anxiety, or PTSD. To talk to Sara, just show up on Fridays between 2–4 pm or make an appointment in advance by contacting Sara Ipsen: When: Fridays, 2–4 pm (last Friday of the month closed). Where: Trampoline House’s staff office.

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CLOSED: Easter holiday

Because of the Easter holiday, Trampoline House will be closed from Thursday, April 18 to Monday, April, 22. We open again Tuesday, April, 23. If you have an urgent asylum or refugee problem, you can contact our legal counselor Asrin Mesbah:, (+45) 81 11 32 36. Happy holidays!