Program June 10–16, 2019

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Photo: Ole Bo Jensen

Photo: Ole Bo Jensen

ART: Get a free guided tour in exhibit about right-wing extremism

In light of the rise of racist, anti-immigration far-right groups and parties in Denmark and Europe, Trampoline House’s exhibition space CAMP / Center for Art in Migration Politics has just opened a new exhibition by Swedish artist Johan Tirén, which takes a critical look at the ideology of the Swedish right-wing populist party, The Sweden Democrats. Join us this Saturday and get a free guided tour. When: Saturday, June 15, 3–4 pm (admission 40 kr). Where: Trampoline House’s exhibition space CAMP.

Houria Bouteldja, author of  Whites, Jews and Us

Houria Bouteldja, author of Whites, Jews and Us

WORKSHOP: Reading and talking about the book White, Jews and Us

Join volunteer Maja’s reading workshop this Saturday. Together, we will read and discuss the 2017 book White, Jews and Us: Toward a Politics of Revolutionary Love, written by Houria Bouteldja. The workshop is conducted in English. All are welcome! When: Saturday, June 15, 2–4 pm. Where: Trampoline House’s small classroom.

Photo: Viktoria Steinhart

HOUSE MEETING: Trampoline House needs 1 million kroner

Trampoline House‘s children’s club is the only chance for many families in deportation center Sjælsmark to catch a break, but we will have to close it down by September unless we raise 1 million kroner. This will mean that the families will no longer have access to caretaking, community dinners, and legal, medical and psychological counseling. We will discuss how you can help during this week’s house meeting. When: Tuesday, June 11, 4–5 pm. Where: Trampoline House’s café.

Photo: Viktoria Steinhart

DEMOCRACY CLASS: The Syrian Revolution

In this week’s Democracy Class, volunteer Nad will give us his account of the Syrian Revolution. All are welcome! When: Friday, June 14, 2:30–4 pm. Where: Trampoline House’s small classroom.