Program, March 25–31, 2019

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WORKSHOP BY ABDUL DUBE: Print with People!

Trampoline House’s exhibition space CAMP / Center for Art on Migration Politics is proud to present this workshop on gift making and shop dropping by South African artist Abdul Dube, whose work is on display in the our current CAMP focus! exhibition Decolonizing Appearance. The workshop is an opportunity for aspiring and established artists, students and cultural workers to powerfully use print making, zines, stickers, posters to engage the with neoliberal urbanscape we find ourselves in. When: Tuesday, March 26, 2–4 pm. Where: CAMP. Click to read more

All events in Trampoline House and CAMP are free, and everyone is welcome. Please register here:



BIG HOUSE MEETING: Advisory board election

The big house meeting takes place every last Tuesday of the month. It is the democratic parliament and information forum of Trampoline House. This month, we will have an election for Trampoline House's new advisory board. During the meeting, users of the house will elect 6 people from the house to sit on the advisory board. When: Tuesday, March 26, 4–5:30 pm. Where: Trampoline House’s café. Click to read more

EXHIBITION: Last chance to see Decolonizing Appearance

If you haven’t seen CAMP’s exhibition Decolonizing Appearance, this week is your last chance! The exhibit examines what appearance is, how appearance is used to classify, separate, and rule human beings on a hierarchical scale, and how we can challenge this regime. Bringing together some of contemporary art’s most engaged individuals and collectives from across the globe, it asks: How do the colonized and the colonizer appear to each other? How can the colonized have the right to look, the right to be seen – in short, the right to appear? The exhibition is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. And on Saturday, you can get a free guided tour from 3–4 pm. Click here to read more

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CLOSED: Friday and Saturday

Trampoline House is closed Friday and Saturday this week. We are always closed every last Friday and Saturday of the month. But CAMP is open for visitors to the exhibition Friday from 1–6 pm and Saturday from 2–5 pm.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Who keeps Trampoline House clean?

Trampoline House is visited by hundreds of people every week and gets very dirty. So we have six different cleaning teams who cleans the house, so it feels nice and comfortable for all its users and guests. Refugees in job training and non-refugee volunteers make up the different teams. A warm thanks for all their hard work! If you would like to volunteer on one of the day or evening cleaning teams, please send an email to: