Program May 20–26, 2019

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Photo: Lars Vibild

HOUSE MEETING: How to coordinate volunteer help and aid better in Sjælsmark

The house meeting is the democratic parliament and information forum of Trampoline House, where users, interns, volunteers, and staff update each other on news and discuss urgent issues related to the house and life as a refugee/asylum seeker. The meeting takes place every Tuesday. This Tuesday, we will continue our discussion from last week’s meeting about what can be done to coordinate volunteer help and aid better in Sjælsmark according to the wishes of residents. When: Tuesday, May 21, 4–5 pm. Where: Trampoline House’s café.

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DANCE: Performance by Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School

In conjunction with Copenhagen International Dance Festival, 15 dancers from Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School will visit Trampoline House and perform their dance performance ”0-100.” Everyone is welcome! When: Wednesday, May 22, 3–5 pm. Where: Trampoline House's Multizone.

ART: Exhibition about right-wing extremism

In light of the rise of racist, anti-immigration far-right groups and parties in Denmark and Europe, Trampoline House’s exhibition space CAMP / Center for Art in Migration Politics has just opened a new exhibition by Swedish artist Johan Tirén, which takes a critical look at the ideology of the Swedish right-wing populist party, The Sweden Democrats. Come see the exhibition, which is open during Trampoline House opening hours until June 26. When: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays 1–6 pm, Saturdays 2–5 pm (last Sat of the month closed). Where: Trampoline House’s exhibition space CAMP.

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DEMOCRACY CLASS: The Kurdish struggle for independence

In this week’s Democracy Class, students will get an opportunity to learn about the Kurdish struggle for independence. All are welcome! When: Friday, May 24, 2:30–4 pm. Where: Trampoline House’s small classroom.


WOMEN’S CLASS: The Danish election – what are the different political parties promising to do for children in Sjælsmark

In Women’s Class on Friday, we will discuss what the different Danish political parties have promised to do for the rejected asylum-seeking children in Sjælsmark as part of their election campaign and due to public pressure to improve the children’s living conditions and legal rights. All who identify as women are welcome! When: Friday, May 24, 4–6 pm. Where: Trampoline House’s small classroom.