Program Sept. 23–29, 2019

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Photo: Sofia Stærmose Hardt

Photo: Sofia Stærmose Hardt

ALL WEEK / Asrin’s legal counseling is cancelled

Trampoline House’s legal counselor Asrin Mesbah is sick this week, so her counseling hours are cancelled Monday–Friday this week. You can still call Asrin about your case, if it is urgent. And you can still get counseling from Refugees Welcome on Tuesday (4–7 pm) and from our volunteering immigration lawyers on Wednesday (5–7 pm).

TUESDAY / Big house meeting about the 4 house rules

The big house meeting takes place every last Tuesday of the month. It is the democratic parliament and information forum of Trampoline House. This Tuesday, we will discuss the four house rules of Trampoline House:

1) No discrimination
2) No violence
3) No hard liquor
4) No drugs

We will divide into groups and discuss what the rules mean. At the end, we will convene again and have a debate about how to follow the rules. When: Tuesday, Sept. 24, 5–6:39 pm. Where: Trampoline House’s café.

Photo: Sofia Stærmose Hardt

WEDNESDAY / Business training workshop visits RUC

Trampoline House’s business training workshop has been invited to RUC (Roskilde University) this Wednesday. We will spend the whole day at the university and participate in a science event, where the institutes of mathematics, physics, and chemistry open their doors to us. When: Wednesday, Sept. 25, 11–5 pm. Where: Roskilde University, Universitetsvej 1, 4000 Roskilde.

Photo: Lars Vibild

FRIDAY / Closed

Remember that Trampoline House is always closed the last Friday of the month. Staff will be here doing admin work, but there are no activities. Have a great weekend!