Razieh is 37 years old and comes from Afghanistan. She has lived in asylum center in Denmark for 5 months, and is currently doing an internship in Trampoline House. She is taking Danish and English classes, cooking for the house on Fridays, and joins Women’s Club every Saturday.

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"My English teacher in Asylum Center Sandholm introduced me to Trampoline House. I am really grateful for this. Trampoline House is so good for us.
Life in the camp is very stressful. Especially in Sandholm where you can hear gunshots and see military tanks driving by from the military camp close by. It is very unhealthy for people who have fled war and conflict. It helps to come to Trampoline House, where I can do activities that makes sense for me."

“One of the activities I like the most in the house is the house meeting. I love when we have discussions at the meeting. In Trampoline House, I meet people from a lot of different countries and cultures. It is very nice to talk to people with different opinions and hear their point of view. At the meeting, I can also get information about which events are happening in and outside the house. It is good for my soul to be in Trampoline House.

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