For sponsorships made to Trampoline House, we provide a range of promotion materials and services that give you the possibility to exhibit your support for us.

For all sponsorships we offer:

  • A 'like' on our Facebook page, exposing your company to our more than 10,000 dedicated followers.
  • Your company name and link on our website.
  • Digital materials such as our logo, a short text for your website, and a sponsorship stamp for your email signature.
  • An inspiring diploma to display in public and thus expose your sponsorship to customers and staff.
  • Our quarterly newsletter and invitations to special events in Trampoline House.

For sponsorships above DKK 10,000 we top that by

  • not only mentioning and linking to you on our website, but also feature your logo and a short text on your sponsorship

For sponsorships above DKK 20,000 we also offer to

  • feature your company's involvement with Trampoline House in our quarterly news letter received by more than 2,000 people.

And for sponsorships above DKK 30,000, we even suggest that

we do a presentation for your staff on our community, social methods and visions so they will all know what kind of organisation they are now part of supporting. The presentation is held by a Trampoline House staff member and an asylum seeking user of the house and can take place either in Trampoline House or at your own business premises.

Of course, your sponsorship to Trampoline House can also be completely anonymous...

Either way, we will be immensely thankful for your support!