Trampoline House and our projects are generously sponsored by private foundations, public funds, and business partners and least not individual donors.

Want to support Trampoline House?

Learn how you can contribute as an individual donor or a business partner, or please contact Fundraiser Nanna Jochumsen

Main sponsors

IKC logo.png

For 2017-2019, IKC has provided Trampoline House with considerable support for the development of two projects: Democracy in Action, and Women's Club.


From 2017-2020, Trampoline House, TrygFonden, and Tuborgfondet will be collaborating on the project Next Practice that aims at developing and documenting a new method of integration in Denmark.

Other foundations and public means

Antoniusfonden / Carl og Ellen Hertz' Familielegat / Den Sociale Fond Dronning Caroline Amalies Hus / Fonden af 20. December / Foreningen Østifterne / Kulturstyrelsen: Folkeoplysningspuljen / Lauritzen Fonden / Ludvigsens Legat / Paula og Axel Nissens Mindelegat / Roskilde Festival Charity Society / Verena Merz & Otto Kjærgaards Børnefond /

Bygma Fonden / Ville Heises Legat /

Since the founding of Trampoline House in 2010, a large number of private foundations and public funds have supported the house. See the full list of previous sponsors here.