Support our work

As a company, you can sponsor Trampoline House in three different ways. All sponsors are provided with promotion materials and services, and all financial sponsorships to Trampoline House are eligible for tax deduction.

Sponsor our general work

Year round, Trampoline House provides a space for asylum seekers, refugees and fellow citizens to meet, learn from each other and develope our society together.

By sponsoring our general work, you ensure that asylum seekers and refugees can count on us every day for support, community, and purpose.

Sponsor a specific project

Communal dinners, legal counceling, Womens' Club, democratic House meetings, language and culture classes, job counceling, child care, first Friday of the month parties, ...

Trampoline House is booming with activities, and as a project sponsor you aim your support at a specific one. 

Give a product sponsorship

Every week, our activities involve more than 250 people. That means a lot of coffee, tea, pens, notepads, plates, glasses, garden tools, and much more.

Our product sponsors provide us with materials and commodities that make possible the many things we do.

Please contact Fundraiser Nanna Jochumsen if you wish to make a product sponsorship to Trampoline House.


Our current sponsors include Meyers Bageri, Eltas, Solibus, Just Print and many more. Click here see a full list of our business sponsors.

Please contact Fundraiser Nanna Jochumsen if you have questions or want to learn more on how to sponsor Trampoline House.

Tax deductions for sponsorships

We provide all sponsors to Trampoline House with promotion materials and services, meaning that you can use the sponsorship to profile your socially responsible business internally or externally. In this case, your sponsorship – no matter what amount – is fully deductible as an operating cost according to Statskatteloven §6.

If instead you wish for your sponsorship to be accounted for as a regular donation, your sponsorship is tax deductible up to DKK 15,600 (2017 limit) under Ligningslovens §8A.

Promotion materials and services

For all sponsorships, we provide a range of promotion materials and services including:

A 'like' on Facebook, exposing your company to our more than 8,000 dedicated followers
A mention on our website. For a minimum DKK 10,000 we also feature your logo and a short text on your sponsorhip
Digital materials such as our logo, a short text for your website, and a sponsorship stamp for your email signature
An inspiring diploma to expose your sponsorship to customers and staff

For sponsorships above above DKK 20,000 we top this by offering to feature your company's involvement with Trampoline House in our quarterly news letter received by more than 2,000 people.

For sponsorships above DKK 30,000, we also offer you a presentation on our community, democratic work methods, and visions for the Danish society. The presentation is held by a Trampoline House staff member and an asylum seeking user of the house and can take place either in Trampoline House or at your own business premises.


Of course, your sponsorship to Trampoline House can aslo be completely anonymous...

Either way, we will be immensely thankful for your support!