As a company, you can sponsor Trampoline House in many different ways. Our current business sponsors vary in size, industry, motivation, and type og support.

All sponsors are non the less provided with promotion materials and services, and thus all business sponsorships to Trampoline House are eligible for tax deduction.


Sponsor our program

Year round, Trampoline House is a space for asylum seekers, refugees and fellow citizens to meet, learn and develope together.

By sponsoring our general work, you ensure that they all can count on us every day for support, community, and purpose.

Sponsor our projects

Child care, communal dinners, legal counceling,  Womens' Club, mental and medical counseling, People's Meeting, classes, events...

Trampoline House is booming with activities, and as a project sponsor you aim your support at a specific one.

Sponsor our things

More than 250 people take part in our activities weekly. That means a lot of coffee, tea, cups, plates, pens, notepads, and much more.

As a product sponsor you provide the materials and commodities that make possible the many things we do.

Please contact Administrative Director Morten Goll if you wish to learn more on how to sponsor Trampoline House.