Trampoline Times is a group in Trampoline House that focuses on journalism. Our goal is to give new perspectives about refugees in Denmark based on facts and our own experiences. 

We meet for classes and workshops, and also practice our skills. For instance, we have some homework like writing short articles, and then we discuss them in the class. Sometimes, we bring articles from the internet, and discuss them.

We learn about media, freedom of speech, writing skills, news, and all the different kinds of sources that are used in journalism. We compare journalism in our different countries and discuss what makes journalism good or bad.

You don’t need to have experience in order to be a part of the group. Some people in the group wanted to work with journalism in their home countries, but they couldn’t. You just need to be interested in learning.

More info

If you want to hear more about Trampoline Times or if you’d like to join, please contact Communications Coordinator Kajsa Böttcher Messell at or (+45) 50 17 46 64.

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