New Friday policy

Trampoline House has changed its Friday opening policies. Every first Friday of the month the house is open until midnight and throws a huge party with special events, The first Friday of the month party. The house is still open the second and third Friday, until 8 pm with dinner. The last Friday of the month the house is closed. This Friday we are throwing a Halloween party – come dressed up in your most scary costume.  

We have several other interesting events going on in Trampoline House during Friday

Additional activities:

  • Every Tuesday and Wednesday Trampoline House offers legal counseling. If you have a question about your asylum case in Denmark, or are you helping an asylum seeker and need advice, you can get free, personal legal counseling in the house.
  • Join our info meeting Wednesday on how to do an internship or volunteer in Trampoline House

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Join us – it’s also your house!