Trampoline House has two program announcements this week:

  • Movement training with Aninia on Wednesdays has been terminated.
  • Because of the overwhelming interest Trampoline House is receiving from researchers, students, and cultural producers, we are introducing a monthly "Info meeting for researchers & project initiators," where students, researchers, and project initiators can get an introduction to the house and the Danish asylum system, and are able to ask questions related to their research/project. The info meeting is held every third Friday of the month, 4–6 pm.

And if you haven't seen the two videos portraying Trampoline House that have been circulating on Facebook this past month, here is your chance.

The first video is produced by Mob Effect, an American nonprofit organization that searches out social project to film and fundraise for through 'one-dollar' campaigns.

The second video, produced by the Danish independent think thank Mandag Morgen, has had almost 126,000 views and explains how the house operates with principles of democracy, human rights, and gender equality across cultural differences. (For English subtitles, click Settings and Captions when the Facebook window opens)

Please note that we are closed next week for the Easter vacation from March 21–28. We re-open Tuesday, March 29.

Join us – it's also your house!