Another exciting week in Trampoline House! Make sure to join us for three very special events this week:

- Tuesday, 6–8 pm: Rap workshop with Rapolitics, an evening with rhythms, rhymes, and storytelling.

- Friday, 9 pm–12 am: Støttekoncert/Support Concert for Trampoline House at Loppen, Christiania. Hear performances from ♬ KAKA DK ♬ Rytteriet ♬ MAMBE ♬ TAMALA ♬ LA FOLIE CREW ♬, and help raise money for Trampoline House.

- Saturday, March 12, 6:30–9 pm: "Speaking back – Perspectives from the Afghan activist Malalai Joya." In a special lecture organized by Henri Barbara in collaboration with International Forum, Afghan activist and writer Malalai Joya will visit Trampoline House and give her perspectives on the current situation in Afghanistan, and why she thinks so many Afghans are fleeing the country in these years. Danish author Carsten Jensen will facilitate the event. All are welcome. Free admission.

Join us – it's also your house!