Big Meeting Friday

This week, the Trampoline House staff invites all interns, volunteers, and everyday users of the house to a big information meeting on Friday, April 29, from 4–6 pm. During the meeting, the staff will present the mission, organizational structure, and staff roles within the house to help make its operation and decision-making processes as clear and transparent as possible. The meeting will be followed by dinner. There will be transport tickets to all the refugees with 'praktik' in the house. We hope to see many of you!

Also, over the next two Tuesdays we will be testing different meeting structures for our house meetings. This Tuesday, the meeting will be in two parts. The first will be devoted to announcements, and the second part will be used to discuss an urgent issue in depth. The following week, we will try a different format with a house meeting for announcements on Tuesday and a house meeting for discussion on Friday.

And please note the following program changes:

  • The sewing and knitting workshop has a new time. It will take place from 3–6 pm on Tuesdays, with our fantastic teachers, Riikka and Anne Mette.
  • Computer class on Wednesdays has been paused. It will resume on Fridays, 2–3 pm.
  • The house will be closed this Friday and Saturday for the last weekend of the month, with the exception of the special Big Meeting taking place on Friday, 4–6 pm.

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Join us – it's also your house!