Four events in Trampoline House this week that you don't want to miss:

  • Syrian Culture Night (Fri. 5–8 pm): A special event with Syrian literature, music, and food featuring renowned poets and authors Nouri Aljarrah, Ibraheem Aljabeen, and Abdulla Maksour, and music by Adel Najjari. More info:

  • Perspectives on the Syrian conflict: A weekly discussion group about the conflict in Syria and its implications facilitated by our new intern Ali. (Tues. 6–7 pm).

  • Gender and sexuality discussions: A new workshop series about gender and sexuality relations in society and in Trampoline House facilitated by our new intern Ali (Wed. 4–5 pm).

  • Guided tour in Asylum Center Kongelunden and Women's Center (for interns and volunteers only) (Sat., 12–2 pm).

More info at

Cancellations this week: Art Tuesday, computer class on Friday, Cinema Club on Sunday.

Join us – it's also your house!