Trampoline House has many interesting events this week:

  • Are you considering to volunteer or do an internship in Trampoline House, then join our volunteer/internship info meeting on Wednesday, from 5–6:30 pm.
  • On Friday, from 6–11 pm, CAMP, Trampoline House's exhibition space, opens its new exhibition Deportation Regime: Artistic responses to state practices and lived experience of forced removal. The exhibition presents installations and performances by Ghazel (Iran/France), Daniela Ortiz (Peru/Spain), and Studio Revolt (Cambodia, USA, Japan) that take a critical look at the logic behind (nation-)states' forced removal of 'unwanted people' from their territory. The opening event is open to all and features a live performance, soup kichen, and a dance party.
  • On the same Friday, from 4–5:30 pm, SMK: National Gallery of Denmark opens a retrospective exhibition of three previous CAMP exhibitions titled Migration Politics: Three CAMP exhibitions at the SMK. All are welcome to join both opening events from 3:30–11 pm!
  • Opening program
    3:30–4: Free shuttle bus from CAMP/Trampoline House to SMK: National Gallery of Denmark
    4–5:30: Opening of Migration Politics at SMK: National Gallery of Denmark. Welcome speeches and exhibition viewing
    5:30–6: Free shuttle bus from SMK: National Gallery of Denmark to CAMP/Trampoline House
    6–6:30: Opening of Deportation Regime in CAMP. Welcome speeches and drinks
    6:30–7:30: Exhibition viewing and soup kitchen
    7:30–8: Jus Sanguinis, a performance by Daniela Ortiz (artist, Peru/Spain) questioning the prevalent legal principle ‘right of blood’ by which citizenship is determined by bloodline as opposed to place of birth
    8:30–11: Dance party w/ Panteras DJ Crew (transnational)

Program changes: The bible class in Farsi has stopped. The computer class is cancelled both Wednesday and Friday this week.

Join us – it's also your house!