Activities in Trampoline House

Welcome to a new week in Trampoline House with lots of activities on the program.

Join us for weekly activities such as:

  • Our weekly workshop in Job Application & Work Culture: Come along if you need assistance with your CV or application letter, or if you would like to talk about the opportunities of getting a job in Denmark.
  • Come to our class in Danish language and culture on Tuesdays and Fridays, if you want to learn Danish or improve your Danish, or if you want to learn more about Danish society and culture.
  • We have medical counseling on Tuesdays. Come and talk with one of our volunteering doctors if you have a medical or dental problem and would like a second opinion. The counseling is confidential.

Have a look at the calendar on our website to read more about our activities.     

Please note that:

  • Computer class is on pause at the moment.

Join us – it’s also your house!