Chess and party this week

There is plenty of reasons to come to Trampoline House this week!
- If you're interested in becoming a volunteer or intern in Trampoline House, check out the info meeting on Wednesday 5-6:30 pm
- Join the introduction to the Danish asylum system on Friday 4-6 pm by Michala Clante Bendixen, Chair Woman of Refugees Welcome
- If you like to play chess, join our chess tournament on Friday from 3 pm in the Multi Zone
- and of course we throw a 1st Friday of the month-party on Friday from 6 pm until 12 am

Also please notice that:
- there is meditation this Tuesday at 6-7 pm
- art workshops take place on Wednesdays 5:45-7 pm

Check out more activities in our calendar.

We hope you join us – it's also your house!