Open again!

Trampoline House is open again!

Photo: Britta My Thomsen

Photo: Britta My Thomsen

Trampoline House opens again this week after the summer break! We hope you join us!


Please note that...

Relaxation therapy is cancelled this week, but it will start again next week on August 9 at 6-7 pm.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or intern in Trampoline House, please join our information meeting on Wednesday at 5-6.30 pm.

There's a big party on Friday at 6 pm until 12 am – we hope you join!

There is no Introduction to the Danish asylum system this week. The next introduction will take place on September 1st at 4-6 pm.


Other activities

Please remember that you can see all activities in Trampoline House in our calendar.


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