This Week in Trampoline House

This week in Trampoline House, you can bring your friends to the first Cinema Club of 2018 plus a lot of other great activities.

Please note that there's a few changes to the program

Photo: Asim Iqbal

Photo: Asim Iqbal

We hope to see you in Trampoline House this week!


Please note that...

PAUSED: Trampoline House's Tailor Shop (every Tuesday and Wednesday from 1–4 pm) is put on hold – we'll let you know when Tailor Shop returns.

PAUSED UNTIL SPRING: Trampoline House's Gardening Group (every Wednesday and Friday from 2–4 pm) is paused until spring.

PAUSED UNTIL JAN. 31: Relaxation Therapy (every Wednesday from 6–7 pm) is paused until January 31.

TERMINATED: Trampoline House's Tailor Workshop (every Friday from 1–3 pm) is terminated and will, at first, not return. 

NEW PROGRAM STRUCTURE FOR WOMEN'S CLUB: Please note that there's some changes to the structure of the Women's Club program.

From now on Women's Club is closed every first Saturday of the month instead of every last Saturday of the month. 


This week's Special Events

Cinema Club

This Friday from 7–9 pm, Cinema Club will provide a cozy atmosphere in Trampoline House for the first time in 2018. 

We haven't yet decided which movie to screen. Stay tuned for more info about this month's Cinema Club program.  

Cinema Club is for everyone. So bring your friends to Trampoline House and share a great cinematic experience – there will of course be drinks and snacks.


Other activities

Please remember that you can see all activities in Trampoline House in our calendar.


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