Lots of great events and activities this week

This week in Trampoline House is full of great events and activities for you to join!

Please remember that we only have 1 transport ticket per person this week (read more below). 

 Photo: Morten Goll  This Tuesday, you can join our Big House Meeting from 4–6 pm!

Photo: Morten Goll
This Tuesday, you can join our Big House Meeting from 4–6 pm!

We hope to see you in Trampoline House this week!


Please note that...

ONLY 1 TICKET THIS WEEK: Please remember that there's only 1 transport ticket per person this week – and only on a day where you have 'praktik work'. 

If you have your 'praktik work' on Friday (where we are closed), you can get your transport ticket on Tuesday for Big House Meeting instead.

CLOSED ON FRIDAY AND SATURDAY: Please remember that we're closed every last Friday and Saturday of the month.



This week's Special Events

Big House Meeting

This Tuesday, we have Big House Meeting at 4–6 pm. As always, the first part is devoted to the work groups of the house (child care, cooking and dishwashing, gardening etc.), who will report about their work and discuss possible changes. The second part is devoted to discussing an urgent issue in depth. Click here for more info.

* Unfortunately, we can't afford transport tickets for everyone to attend this month's Big House Meeting – this week, you'll only get a transport ticket on the day you have 'praktik work'. Only if you have your 'praktik work' on Friday (where we are closed), you can get your transport ticket for Big House Meeting instead. 


Contact person for rejected asylum seeker?

Rejected asylum seekers are forced to live in the deportation camp “Kærshovedgaard Udrejsecenter” near Ikast. They all wish for a volunteer contact person outside the camp – maybe you?

A new network across Denmark is working to reach out to rejected asylum seekers. This Tuesday at 7–8:30 pm, we introduce the project and conditions for people living in deportation camps in Denmark.


Talking about art: An art gallery guide workshop for refugees

Trampoline House's art gallery CAMP offers an art gallery guide program for refugees and asylum seekers, who would like to become part of CAMP’s guide team and do guided tours in CAMP's exhibitions about migration.

The art gallery guide program is running but you can still sign up to participate – email us at info@campcph.org, or send a text message to Jana on (+45) 50 20 59 77.

The workshop takes place every Wednesday and Friday (also last Friday of the month) at 1–4 pm. Click here to read more.


Intern and volunteer get-together

The intern and volunteer get-together will introduce you to your coordinators and fellow interns and volunteers. It is a great occasion to get to know everyone, build friendships within your team, and give feedback on your experiences (good and bad) within the house. We will end the get-together with dinner where everyone should bring a dish!

All volunteers and educational interns are welcome – see you on Friday from 5–10 pm.


Guided tour to asylum center Dianalund for interns and volunteers

This Saturday at 12–2 pm, we have our guided tour around an asylum camp for all volunteers and interns who haven't yet been to an asylum center.

This week, Nabila will be our guide in Asylum Center Dianalund. Sign up by emailing volunteer@trampolinehouse.dk no later than Thursday, September 28. Click here for directions and more information.



Other activities

Please remember that you can see all activities in Trampoline House in our calendar.


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