Demonstration: Close Kærshovedgård!

We have three special events for you to join this week!

Join the  demonstration  to close Kærshovedgård deportation camp on Friday!

Join the demonstration to close Kærshovedgård deportation camp on Friday!

We hope to see you in Trampoline House this week!


Please note that...

WOMEN'S CLUB: Please note that the program for Women's Club (Saturdays from 2–6:30 pm) has a new structure. Click here to see our calendar. The full Spring 2018 program for Women’s Club will be available end of January. Women's Club is closed every first Saturday of the month instead of every last - this means that there is Women's Club this week!

CLOSED ON FRIDAY: Trampoline House is closed every last Friday of the month. Instead, we hope you will join the demonstration to close deportation camp Kærshovedgaard and, if you're a volunteer in Trampoline House, our volunteer get-together.

EXHIBITION SPACE CAMP: Last Friday, CAMP opened its new exhibition, "Economy of Migrant Labor – for the Right to Work" – a solo exhibition by the transnational radio collective The Bridge Radio. The exhibition runs until May 19.

CAMP opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 1–6 pm, Saturday 2–5 pm – free guided tours Saturdays 3–4 pm (closed every last Friday and Saturday of the month). This means that CAMP is open this Tuesday and Wednesday, but closed on Friday and Saturday because it is the last weekend of the month.


Special events this week

Public hearing about children in deportation camps

On Thursday at 2-5 pm at Christiansborg, Bedsteforældre for Asyl (Grandparents for Asylum) have arranged for a public hearing concerning children of rejected asylum seekers in asylum and deportation centers. Click here to read more.

Intern & volunteer get-together

Once every 6 months, all volunteers and interns in Trampoline House are invited to get together and share experiences, thoughts and ideas about volunteering in Trampoline House. The next event takes place on Friday, January 26th. Click here to read more or contact if you have any questions.

Demonstration: Close Kærshovedgård, open our cases!

On Friday, January 26th at 3-4.30 there will be demonstrations in Copenhagen and in Aarhus, organized by activists living in deportation camp Kærshovedgård. The aim of the demonstrations is to close Kærshovedgård and to re-open the cases of everyone in Kærshovedgård. Read more about the demonstration in Copenhagen here, and about the one in Aarhus here.


Other activities

Please remember that you can see all activities in Trampoline House in our calendar.


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