Week 41: Culture Night/Kulturnat at Trampoline House

Culture Night/Kulturnat

Special events this week

Culture Night/Kulturnat at Trampoline House

Join us this Friday 12th October for a very exciting Culture Night. The night will run from 6 pm – 12 am and involve guest speakers such as Rushy Rashid (debator and radio host), Khaterah Parwani (lawyer and debator) and Farhiya Khalid (journalist and historian), just to name a few! Participate in our debate on important issues such as refugee/immigrant representation in Danish society, and join for bar and dancing afterwards in our monthly party! You can read the full program here!

Free guided tour of CAMP's "Decolonizing Appearance" in Trampoline House's CAMP 

Join us this Saturday 3–4 pm and get a free guided tour in CAMP's focus exhibition "Decolonizing Appearance", guest curated by visual culture theorist Nicholas Mirzoeff. The exhibit examines what appearance is, how appearance is used to classify, separate, and rule human beings on a hierarchical scale, and how we can challenge this regime. Be sure not to miss out – you can read the full description here!

Other activities this week

women's class: what are human rights?

Join us this Friday 4–6 pm for Women's Class. This week we will discuss the meaning of human rights; where were we can use them, and what the rights of refugees and displaced persons are. 

Please note that childcare will be available up to 10 pm this Friday due to Culture Night.

Other activities and events

Please remember that you can see all activities, services, and events in Trampoline House in our calendar and our special events listing.

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