Week 45: Bi-annual meeting in Folkebevægelsen for asylbørns fremtid

Bi-annual meeting in Folkebevægelsen for asylbørns fremtid

Folkebevægelsen for asylbørns fremtid (The People's Movement for Asylum-Seeking Children's Future) is having its bi-annual meeting, where we are planning campaigns and activities the coming six months.

During this meeting, we will discuss the wording and launch of a Borgerforslag

(Citizens' Proposal) to grant rejected asylum-seeking children and their parents temporary residence permit max. two years after their final rejection if the authorities haven't been able to deport them.

Anyone interested in joining the movement is welcome! Check out the event here!

Special events this week

Info meeting on how to volunteer, do an internship, research or projects in Trampoline House

Are you thinking about volunteering or doing an internship in Trampoline House? Or are you a researcher or cultural producer, who would like to do research or make a project in the house? Then join this information meeting.

We will introduce you to the history and mission of Trampoline House, and explain how you can contribute. The presentation includes an introduction to the life conditions for asylum seekers in the Danish asylum camps, and Trampoline House's work to improve those conditions.

If you can't make the meeting this month, no problem. The information meeting is repeated every first Wednesday of the month from 5–6:30 pm. People who are already interning or volunteering, but have not yet attended the info meeting, are also very welcome. You can check out the program here!

Women's Class: what are refugee and immigrant rights?

Every second and third Friday, Women's Club organizes a Women's Class for women only. Each class will focus on a specific topic of relevance to asylum-seeking women, refugee women, migrant women, and trafficked women that we will discuss in-depth.

This week, we will continue our examination of human rights. Denmark and the rest of the West have recently tightened their asylum and immigration laws to prevent more asylum seekers and migrants from coming. Denmark has also tightened its integration laws for refugees and immigrants.

We will discuss a number of recent integration laws passed in Denmark: the niqab ban, the ghetto plan, and the proposal to ban circumcision of boys. What do you think about these new laws? Is there justice for asylum seekers, refugees, and immigrants in Denmark? What can we do when human rights are not respected by nations and states. There will be translation to Farsi and Danish. 

Other activities this week

Bible class change

Please note that Bible class in Farsi has changed time again, and will now take place Fridays, from 6–7 pm in the Big classroom. 

Other activities and events

Please remember that you can see all activities, services, and events in Trampoline House in our calendar and our special events listing.

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