Vision & Mission

Trampoline House is a community center for asylum seekers, refugees and other citizens in Denmark.

We work to ensure asylum seekers and refugees a decent, respectful and equality-based integration in Denmark.

We work holistically to ensure this through:

Job training and education, because it makes it easier to integrate in the job market if the asylum phase is spent building skills, taking an education, and establishing professional networks.

Democratic practice, because active citizenship entails understanding the social contract, your rights and duties, and last but not least the Danish democratic tradition and system.

System awareness and counseling, because this makes it easier, as an asylum seeker, to understand the asylum system and advocate for one's own interests.

Social network, because integration is easier when life is easier.

Strategic partnerships, because Trampoline House's methods are best disseminated in society at large through collaborations with companies, unions, non-governmental organizations, foundations, the press, municipalities, and the state.

Trampoline House brings together asylum seekers and Danish citizens, refugees and other residents of Denmark, united by a desire to improve the conditions for asylum seekers and refugees. We are a self-governing institution with a board of directors, a paid staff, and a large group of interns and volunteers. Financial support comes from public and private funding, support events and donations.

Every year, Trampoline House's community includes:

  • 200 asylum seeking volunteers

  • 20 job trainees from the asylum and integration program

  • 180 volunteers with residency

  • 40 university interns

  • and about 1,000 other visitors and guests

Why Trampoline House?

Trampoline House was formed in 2010 by a group of artists, asylum seekers, students, and professionals in reaction to the way in which the Danish state treats asylum seekers and refugees. People who seek asylum in Denmark, or have been denied asylum, are accommodated in asylum centers for months and years while they wait for the authorities to settle their asylum case or deportation. Inside the centers, there is very little to do, and the small allowance that people are given does not allow for many trips outside the centers, which are located far away from the big cities. Asylum seekers have very limited access to education and have to obtain special permission from the Danish Immigration Service if they want to work or live outside the centers. Research shows that many grow ill from the waiting, the uncertainty, the inactivity, and from the inability to control their own life situation.

You can help ensuring that asylum seekers can get a break from the worries and passivity in the asylum centers by becoming a monthly donor.

What we do

Like in any other home, everybody contributes to the daily life of Trampoline House. Together, we organize a weekly schedule full of activities that include legal and medical counseling, language classes, cooking, cleaning, child care, creative workshops, debates, public campaigns, and art exhibitions. In our weekly Tuesday house meetings, old and new members of the house join discussions on global refugee politics and the daily organization of the house. And every Saturday, the Women’s Club organizes special activities for women asylum seekers and their children. Several days a week, we share a hot meal, meet for a cup of tea or coffee, and on Fridays we party and dance to our favorite music. Like a real trampoline, the house is a space for refugees and asylum seekers to recharge and gather the energy and support needed to jump-start a better life, and for the Danish public to get motivated to reform the current refugee and asylum system. You can join us by signing up as a volunteer.

Networks & Partnerships

Trampoline House is one of the founding member organizations of Folkebevægelsen for asylbørns fremtid, which works to ensure a safe childhood for asylum-seeking children.

Trampoline House is an associated member of the Danish Fundraising Association ISOBRO, which includes a range of Danish fundraising organisations. ISOBRO works on ensuring the best conditions for its members.

Trampoline House is part of the United Nations TOGETHER campaign to change negative narratives on migration and to strengthen the social cohesion between host communities and refugees and migrants.

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