Trampoline House and our projects are generously sponsored by private foundations, organizations, and companies, public funds, and least not individual donors.

Interested in becoming a sponsor
of the house?

Please contact:
Nanna Jochumsen, Fundraiser

Current foundations and public funds


For 2017-2019, IKC has provided Trampoline House with considerable support for the development of two projects: Democracy in Action, and Women's Club.


Antoniusfonden / Det Arnstedske Familiefond / Paula og Axel Nissens Mindelegat / Roskilde Festival Charity SocietySusi og Peter Robinsohns Fond

Kvindernes Bygnings Fond / Lauritzen Fonden / Ludvigsens Legat / Områdefornyelse Nordvest / William og Hugo Evers Fond /


Since the founding of Trampoline House in 2010, a large number of private foundations and public funds have supported the house. See the full list of previous sponsors here.

Business and product sponsorships

The energy advice company Eltas has generously supported Trampoline House with a part of their surplus in 2016.