Our children’s club is many rejected families’ only chance to catch a break, but we will have to close it down by September unless we raise 1,000,000 kr. by then.

This will mean that the families will no longer have access to caretaking, community dinners, and legal, medical and psychological counseling.

Help us save our activities for the children and families!

All contributions count, but your support makes the greatest difference if you sign up for monthly donations that contribute to a long-term program for the families.

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464 people already support every month.

What does the money cover?

Our activities for the families are, like the rest of our activities, based on a holistic method. That means that the family program not 'only' covers staff for childcare, but also for workshops on parenthood, legal, medical and psychological counseling as well as expenses related to our community dinners that are free of charge for rejected families.

Why one million?

We need at least one million in order to maintain the family program while ensuring other financial sources. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments about future financing options, please contact our Fundraiser or Executive Director – click here to find their contact info.

Why now?

We've been fearing this situation for a while already. The reason why we haven't said anything until now is that we didn't want to increase the children's feeling of insecurity before absolutely necessary.

It's been a very difficult dilemma.


Wire money through your bank.

Bank: Merkur Cooperative Bank
Registration no.: 8401
Account no.: 0001121013
Iban: DK9084010001121013
Swift: MEKUDK21


Send your donation through MobilePay to: 55895

Tax deductions

Both individuals and companies can get tax deductions for donations to Trampoline House.


You can leave Trampoline House a donation by signing a will through Legal Desk.

How we spend our funds


If you are having technical problems making a donation or have any questions related to donations to Trampoline House, please contact Fundraising Coordinator Bodil Trier at or (+45) 26 19 91 66.