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Memorial ceremony march

#IngersAnsvar – Stop the lethal deportations!

A 34-year-old man from Algeria lost his life on Wednesday as a result of a forced deportation. The man was exposed to an extremely violent treatment aboard an AirFrance aircraft at Kastrup Airport. Eyewitnesses described the police’s use of force as "tough" and "extremely harsh".

This is not the first time we witness that the Danish authorities have put a human life at risk by forced deportation. Just over a year ago, one tried to deport a man to Afghanistan. Even though the man had swallowed a razor blade in a desperate attempt to stop the deportation, he was forced wearing a straightjacket with fixation of hands, arms, legs, knees and ankles as well as a helmet and tucked in a seat with a strap. The episode made the Afghan Deputy Ministers to make a sharp criticism and denied that Afghanistan would receive more rejected asylum seekers before Denmark changed its practice. It did not happen, so it was only a matter of time before it would cost a human life.

We will hold Integration Minister Inger Støjberg personally responsible for the people who die during a forced deportation. She is responsible for those who die during transport and for those who lose their life after a deportation - we have also seen more examples of the latter. Inger Støjberg is responsible for the current rules that the police enforce and have repeatedly emphasized that the rules should be as tough as possible. She is ultimately responsible for the inhumane refugee and asylum policy and this regime has now taken another humane life!

We demand an immediate stop of all deportations until Inger Støjberg personally guarantees that no rejected asylum seekers lose their lives during transport or in the country of destination.

We demand that Denmark begin to protect the lives that we are required to protect.

We will march from Israel's Square to the Ministry of Integration, where a memorial ceremony will be held for the deceased man from Algeria.

Speakers (will be updated continously)
Josef Nielsen - AfroEmpowerment Center
Fatima Osborne - Refugee and activist
Bwalya Sørensen and Merethe Riggelsen Gjording BLM-DK
Activists from Kjærshovedgård contact group (TBC)
José - Freedom of movements
Michael Graversen - Documentarist - "Dreaming of Denmark"
Tobias Lohse - Refugees Welcome Sweden

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