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Volunteer get-together

The volunteer get-together will introduce you to your volunteer coordinators, interns, and fellow volunteers. It’s a great occasion to get to know everyone, build friendships within your team, and give feedback on your experiences (good and bad) within the house. We will end the get-together with dinner! All volunteers and educational interns are welcome. 

CAMP has offered to give the volunteers a guided tour through the exhibition before our meeting. The tour will start at 17.30 on monday and the meeting will start after the tour around 18.30. This tour is highly recommended. If you want to attend the tour, please register as soon as possible by emailing to

Tour at 17.30
Meeting at 18.30

If you can't make it to the tour it is ok to just come for the meeting. We hope that as many as possible are able to attend the meeting, so that you can express your thoughts and ideas.

We will be providing some food, snacks & beer for a low price!
You are also welcome to bring snacks or maybe even cake for others, but unlike last time, it's not a putlock.

Hope to see you all,
Ben and Johannes

If you can't make it to this get-together, we organize get-togethers three times a year: on the last Friday of the month in January, April, and October. 

Place & Time: Trampoline House (Multizone), 5.30–10 pm.