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Big House Meeting with presentation from Mehmet Yüksekkaya on the Danish labor market

The big house meeting takes place every last Tuesday of the month. It is the democratic parliament and information forum of Trampoline House, where users, interns, volunteers, and staff update each other on news and discuss urgent issues related to the house or life as a refugee/asylum seeker.

The first part is devoted to the work groups of the house (child care, cooking and dishwashing, gardening etc.), who will report about their work and discuss possible changes. The second part is devoted to discussing an urgent issue in depth. This week, we will have another visit from author and consultant Mehmet Yüksekkaya, who will discuss the unwritten rules in the Danish labor market with us during the big discussion.

Please ask staff about transport if you’re not sure if you can get it.

Place & Time: Trampoline House (Multizone), every last Tuesday of the month 4–5:30 pm.