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Opening of solo exhibition by The Bridge Radio in CAMP

A warm welcome to the opening of Economy of Migrant Labor – for the Right to Work, a solo exhibition by the transnational radio collective The Bridge Radio in Trampoline House's exhibition space CAMP. Made in collaboration with a group of 12 people, who have asylum status, residence permits, and homes in Southern Europe, but often end up living on the street in Copenhagen in their search for some kind of work, the exhibition takes a closer look at the precarious living conditions for migrant workers in Denmark and their struggles for rights.

The exhibition takes the form of a large sound installation with sound statements from the 12 collaborators accompanied by photos and graphic works. The statements unveil lives without social security but also bring to light a real struggle to organize against the exploitation of the precarious but important work done by migrants all over Europe.

Overall, the exhibition discloses how borders do not only exclude certain groups of people but that they also create a violent form of inclusion, which subordinates certain groups of people and creates a labor power that is subordinated (De Genova, 2013). Labor mobility has always been a crucial field of struggle since one of the principal means by which capital exercises control over labor is by attempting to harness and channel its movement and flight (Mezzadra & Neilson, 2013).

The exhibition is accompanied by the discussion event For the Right to Work: A panel discussion between members of the bottle collectors community, local politicians, and decision makers on March 2, 2018, where audiences can partake in a live radio transmission discussion about migrant workers' struggle for work permits.

Opening program /

Welcome speeches and drinks
The Economy of Migrant Labor / Live radio transmission by The Bridge Radio,
part 1
Community dinner and exhibition viewing
Migrant struggles for the right to work / Live radio transmission by The Bridge Radio, part 2
Dance Party / with DJs from Trampoline House

All are welcome!