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Free guided tour in The Bridge Radio's exhibition "Economy of Migrant Labor - for the Right to Work"

Join us this Saturday and get a tour in CAMP's current exhibition Economy of Migrant Labor – for the Right to Work – a solo exhibition by the transnational radio collective The Bridge Radio.

Made in collaboration with a group of people, who have asylum status, residence permits, and homes in Southern Europe, but often end up living on the street in Copenhagen in their search for some kind of work, the exhibition takes a closer look at the precarious living conditions for migrant workers in Denmark and their struggles for rights.

The tours are conducted by graduates from CAMP’s art gallery guide program for refugees and asylum seekers in collaboration with CAMP education interns.

The exhibition runs until May 19. CAMP opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 1–6 pm, Saturday 2–5 pm (last Friday and Saturday of the month closed). Free guided tours Saturdays 3–4 pm (last Saturday of the month closed).