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Manifestation #2: Support the children in Sjælsmark

Children and parents living in deportation camp Sjælsmark have initiated a series of demonstrations in the fight for better conditions for the children of Sjælsmark. Together with the activists, we will manifest resistance to the state's traumatization of children and young people forced to live in the deportation camp!

The second demonstration will take place on Tuesday November 27th at 11.30 in front of The Danish Immigration Service, Ryesgade 53 SHARE SHARE SHARE!

Children and young people are forced to live under prison-like conditions in Sjælsmark, but with fewer rights.

- The appalling quality of the food available to children and young people in Sjælsmark gives them stomach pains.

- The children’s health and well-being is deteriorating because of the inedible food offered in the canteen.

- Parents are not able to prepare fresh food for their children as there are no kitchen facilities or refrigerators in Sjælsmark.

- The majority of the children does not have acces to folkeskolen.

- The children, whom many have left war zones, are exposed to the sound of gunfire from the military base nearby.

- Parents only have access to new clothes for their children every six months and the children are cold.

- The windows in Sjælsmark are uninsulated and the children are freezing.

- The children don’t have access to TV or toys in their rooms. People have limited possibility of washing clothes as there are 5-6 washing machines (which are often broken) available to the whole camp. This means that the children have no opportunity to get clean clothes when needed.

- People also have no access to vacuum cleansers, so the children have to play in unclean rooms.

These children are deprived of their freedom and subjected to traumatising conditions under the Danish state. Support the activists in their fight for more rights and more tolerable living conditions!

The activists living in deportation camp Sjælsmark demands:

Close Sjælsmark!

Access to Danish schools/kindergardens!

Change of food system!

Access to a shared kitchen where the residents can cook themselves !

Better health care! Reopening of cases after maximum 12 months!

Permission to work/praktik/education!

Pocket money again! Clothes not just every six months!

How long do we have to stay in Sjælsmark?

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Later Event: November 27
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