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Trampoline House goes to Folkemødet 2018 / The People's Meeting 2018, Bornholm

Democracy in the open air! The People's Meeting in Allinge is Denmark's festival about the society's opportunities and challenges. It is is a Danish counterpart to the famous Swedish Almedalveckan, which each year draws up to 100,000 visitors to the Swedish island of Gotland.

Trampoline House asylum seekers attend the General Meeting to ensure that their own experiences and knowledge become part of the asylum policy debate.

At the same time, Trampoline House Founder & Director Morten Goll is ready to share our 7 years of experience in creating early, holistic and employment-oriented integration already in the asylum phase.

A full outline of Trampoline House's activities at Folkemødet is available here and on the Facebook event here.