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Free guided tour of Pablo Andres’ exhibition in CAMP, Trampoline House’s art gallery

Join us this Saturday and get a performative guided tour in CAMP's current exhibition William Freeman – you can’t hold an angel by the artist Pablo Andres. 

Andres (b. 1985) is a Chilean artist and dissident, who is currently seeking asylum in Denmark. The exhibition takes a closer look at conditions for LGBTQ asylum seekers from the Global South, who flee to the West thinking that there is freedom and safety for gender and sexual minorities there – only to find a refugee politics that does not always grant them protection and a LGBTQ community where queer men of colour often encounter sexual racism from white queer men.

In photography, video, collage, and objects, the exhibition maps Andres' encounter with homophobia in the asylum process and with racism in the Western gay community.

The tour is free, but admission to CAMP is DKK 20 / € 3 / $ 3. Tours and presentations on other weekdays can be booked here. The exhibition runs until August 25 (excepting the month of July, when the House will be closed for Summer). 

CAMP opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 1–6 pm, Saturday 2–5 pm (last Friday and Saturday of the month closed). Free guided tours Saturdays 3–4 pm.

Contact: (+45) 72 14 07 66,