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Performance: Mother's Manifest

Trampoline House and CAMP are proud to invite the public to the performance Mother’s Manifest. The performance is an international collaborative project between the Swedish art group Ful, Mexican musician and artist Paulina Lasa, and the feminist transborder band Quiquiriquí Coyotas from Baja California.

Mother’s Manifest is a collaborative project between unaccompanied young people in Europe and mothers looking for their missing children in the Central American Caravana de Madres Migrant Mesoamerican, and includes, in addition to performances and exhibitions, a publication, a digital platform, a pod and workshops with young unaccompanied migrants.

The performance is a music and text-based mourning ritual for 100 audiences and 5-10 performers, including participants from Trampoline House. It is a reminder of the many families who are daily broken up and the hope for survival and reunification that not even politicians and their legislation can crush.

Admission is free, all are welcome!

Mother’s Manifest is a co-production with Konsthall C and is realized with financial support from Statens Kulturråd, Konstnärsnämnden, Kulturbryggan, and Stockholms läns Kulturförvaltning.