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Presentation by psychologist Solveig Gunnarsdottir

Every second and third Friday, Women's Club organizes a Women's Class for women only. Each class will focus on a specific topic of relevance to asylum-seeking women, refugee women, migrant women, and trafficked women that we will discuss in-depth.

This week, psychologist Sólveig Gunnarsdóttir from Danish Red Cross will visit Women’s Class and give a presentation about raising a child in the Danish asylum system. You can ask question about how to help your child feeling more secure and happy in the camp. There will be translation to Farsi and Danish.

This season, Women's Class will focus on four different topics:

1. Feminism: What is feminism, what does feminism look like around the world, and what are feminists fighting for?

2. Raising a refugee child in the Danish asylum or integration system: It can be very difficult to raise a child in an asylum center, in a deportation center, or in a new culture if you get asylum.

We will discuss what refugee mothers can do to help their child(ren) to not feel insecure, stressed, and scared in the camp.

We will also talk about child development: what behavior is normal and what behavior is caused by having to flee and living too long in a camp feeling uncertain about the future.

3. Human rights: How are human rights defined? Where can we exercise our human rights? What are the rights of refugees, asylum seekers, and displaced people?

We will discuss a number of recent integration laws passed in Denmark: the niqab ban, the ghetto plan, and the proposal to ban circumcision of boys. Is there justice for asylum seekers, refugees, and immigrants in Denmark? What can we do when human rights are not respected by nations and states.

4. Entrepreneurship: Making a Sisters’ Cuisine pop-up restaurant in Trampoline House on November 30. We will plan who makes the starter, the main course, and the dessert; who will design the restaurant interior, who will serve, and who will make advertisement.

5. Evaluation: What can be done to make Women’s Class, Women's Club, and its catering service Sisters' Cuisine better? How can we improve women programs and women’s position in Trampoline House?

Click here to download the fall 2018 program for Women's Club.

Women seeking asylum are especially vulnerable during their flight and do not always feel safe in Denmark’s asylum centers either. That is why Trampoline House has created a Women’s Club, offering special programs for women only. The club meets every first Saturday of the month from 2–7 pm and every second and third Friday of the month from 4–6 pm.

On the first Saturday of the month, the club offers legal and medical counseling, relaxation therapy, cooking, and community. On Fridays, the club offers lectures and workshops on feminist and human rights issues during Women's Class.

Women's Club has members from all over the world. Some of us are seeking asylum in Denmark or have refugee status here, some of us are temporarily living in Denmark or were born here. Women's Club is a safe space where women can talk freely about the problems we experience as women in our daily lives, in Danish society, and in the asylum centers. In 2015, Women’s Club formed its own catering service, Sisters’ Cuisine. Women's Club is open for all women and their children, and offers child care during opening hours.

The mission of the club is to offer:

• individual advise and legal counseling for refugee/migrant/trafficked women
• community
• empowerment through woman-to-woman knowledge exchange

Women's Club is coordinated by Tone Olaf Nielsen, Program Director in Trampoline House.

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