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Report on The Criminalization of Asylum Seekers in DK

Freedom of Movements invites you to the launch of "'Stop Killing Us Slowly'": A Research Report on the Motivation Enhancement Measures and Criminalization of Rejected Asylum Seekers in Denmark". During the event, Annika Lindberg (PhD Student, Sociology, Bern University), Julia Suárez-Krabbe (Associate Professor, Cultural Encounters, Roskilde University), and Jose Arce will discuss key findings, reflections and answer questions from the audience about the report.

About the Report:

The research report is the product of a collaboration between researchers, activists and rejected asylum seekers. It takes inspiration from the claims, demands and analyses made by the Castaway souls of Denmark/Europe and Close Kærshovedgård Deportation Camp - self-organised refugee struggles 'for the right to have rights'. It deals with the systematic criminalisation of refugees and migrants in Denmark. In other words, it analyses the different laws, regulations and everyday practices through which ordinary families and people living in deportation centres are constructed as 'criminals' - and the consequences for their mental and physical well-being. It shows how in their effort to make 'life intolerable' for so-called rejected asylum seekers, deportation centres become sites in which state-sanctioned racism is implemented by law. The report also deals with the ways forward to our present moment and highlights self-organised refugee struggles as central for thinking of 'solutions'.