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Discussion with The Funambulist: Politics of spatial segregation – in a Danish and French context

Come join us when Trampoline House’s exhibition space CAMP welcomes you to a lively discussion together with The Funambulist. Through the lens of current housing policies, we will dive into the notion of systemic discrimination when we take a closer look at the current Danish political landscape and draw parallels to the large, nationwide riots across the French banlieues which in 2005 resulted in the declaration of a state of emergency.

The panel consists of Aysha Amin (Artist & activist), Léopold Lambert (Editor-in-Chief, The Funambulist), and Marie Northroup (Co-founder of Almen Modstand). The discussion is moderated by Margarida Waco (Head of Strategic Outreach, The Funambulist).

Background /

Within a Danish context, socially marginalized districts have for decades been subject to a diminishing narrative that tends to reduce them into epicentres for social pathologies, or as the current political discourse proclaims, as a ‘threat to the social cohesion’. A new strategy to ‘rid Denmark of a Parallel Society’ was launched in 2018 followed by the approval of a new questionable legislation. In the realm of a controversial policy, yet today we see an emergence of a changing landscape with the uprising of opposing movements and networks to counteract these tendencies.

About /

The Funambulist is a bimestrial printed and digital magazine that aims to bridge the disciplines of architecture/design, humanities and politics. It does so in proposing a resolutely decolonial, antiracist, feminist, and queer, antinormative approach in its reading of the politics of the built environment.

CAMP / Center for Art on Migration Politics is a nonprofit exhibition space for art discussing questions of displacement, migration, immigration, and asylum. The center is located in Trampoline House, an independent community center in Copenhagen that provides refugees and asylum seekers in Denmark with a place of support, community, and purpose. CAMP produces exhibitions, events, publications, and education programs about migration and the questions this phenomena gives rise to today.

Program /

Welcome/introduction by CAMP and Margarida Waco

Talk by Léopold Lambert: States of Emergency - Les banlieues

Margarida Waco in conversation with  Aysha Amin, Léopold Lambert and Marie Northroup

Open discussion with audience

See facebook event here

Panelists /

Aysha Amin is an artist, activist and the co-manager of Andromeda - a gallery and artist platform in Gellerup, Aarhus. Born and raised in Gellerup - currently subject to the largest transformation of its kind in an European context - Aysha is the first generation to experience the political, societal and structural implications of a tremendous changing landscape - physical and mental.

Léopold Lambert is a Paris-based trained architect, writer and founding editor of The Funambulist. He combines the activities of editing, writing, curating, podcasting, designing, cartographing, and photographing to serve an editorial line insisting on architects' political responsibility and the tremendous role played by architecture in our societies. Léopold is the author of three books, Weaponized Architecture: The Impossibility of Innocence (2012), The Corporeal Politics of the Cloth, the Wall, and the Street (2015), and Bulldozer Politics: The Palestinian Ruin as an Israeli Project (2016). His next book is tentatively called States of Emergency: A Spatial History of the French Colonial Continuum, is expected to be published ultimo 2019.

Margarida Waco is an Angolan-born business strategist and emerging architect who continuously works in the intersection between spatial practices, strategic development and communications. She has a background in architecture from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (KADK) coupled with Journalism from Roskilde University and Sustainable Development from Sciences Po Paris.

Marie Northroup is a student of anthropology and  the co-founder of the newly established network, Almen Modstand against the Danish Government’s Ghetto Plan. As a resident in Sigynsgade (Den Grønne Trekant) one of the newest districts that appeared on the latest Ghetto List, Marie is one of the leading voices in mobilizing a public opposition against the systemic discrimination at stake.