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Planning meeting for the Sjælsmark and Avnstrup campaign during the House Meeting

This week, we will devote the house meeting to the campaign for change for rejected asylum seekers in deportation center Sjælsmark and departure center Avnstrup.

We are inviting all the people, who are fighting to change conditions to a planning meeting in Trampoline House.

During the meeting, we will discuss how to continue the campaign for change:

1) March–June 8: How to get the last 35,000 signatures for the 'borgerforslag' (citizens' law proposal) made by Folkebevægelsen for asylbørns fremtid before June 8

2) New demonstrations / manifestations

3) April 4: Press conference for journalists and politicians in Trampoline House with families from Sjælsmark in the panel

4) June 8: Closing event in Trampoline House where Folkebevægelsen for asylbørns fremtid celebrates getting 50,000 signatures for their 'borgerforslag' (citizens' law proposal)

5) Other ideas