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Free guided tour in CAMP / Johan Tirén: We're saying what you're thinking

Guided tours /
Saturdays, 3–4 pm, from May 18 – June 26, 2019 (last Saturday of the month closed) @ CAMP

Join us this Saturday and get a free guided tour in CAMP's new exhibition We're saying what you're thinking by the acclaimed Swedish artist Johan Tirén.

The exhibition undertakes a critical survey of the nationalist, right-wing populist, anti-immigration Swedish party, Sverigedemokraterna (Sweden Democrats), which has grown to become the third largest party in Sweden. In a video installation from 2005 and two new works created for the CAMP exhibit, Tirén maps the party’s roots in the racist movement Bevar Sverige Svenskt (Keep Sweden Swedish) and punctures the party’s vision of a monocultural society and its realization.

The exhibit invites audiences to reflect on how far-right groups have managed to enter parliaments across Europe, and how we can confront their politics.

The tours are conducted by graduates from CAMP’s art gallery guide program for refugees and asylum seekers in collaboration with CAMP education interns. The tour is free, but admission to CAMP is DKK 40 (free admission for migrant workers and people in the asylum system).

Tours and presentation on other weekdays can be booked here. The exhibition runs until June 26.

CAMP opening hours / Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 1–6 pm, Saturday 2–5 pm (last Friday and Saturday of the month closed). Free guided tours Saturdays 3–4 pm.

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